Master Manifesting Your Heart's Desires: 7 Days to Learn The Law of Delight by Isis Jade

Master Manifesting Your Heart's Desires: 7 Days to Learn The Law of Delight

Learn How to Use The Law of Delight - Faster Than The Law of Attraction


What is the Law of Delight

The most powerful law in the Universe. 
The Law of Delight says: Delight Yourself FULLY to receive ALL Your Heart’s Desires.

Using The Law of Delight we can create everything we’ve longed for and desired.

With the Law of Delight, you have immediate access to ALL forces in the Universe to create and manifest everything you desire your life. Whether it’s people, things or experiences, you are able to create a much higher quality of life with ease and grace.

The Law of Delight is neutral. It doesn’t judge positive or negative, good or bad.
When you activate this divine law in your life, you enact forces that can literally reorder reality to suit your deepest dreams and desires.

You Become the Creator of Your Destiny.

If you focus on what you desire and what delights you most in life, success and happiness will be yours. When you understand the Law of Delight well you can become a master manifestor and create more of what you desire and delight in and less of what you don’t.

You are destined to live an amazing life. This is the secret shortcut to all your dreams and desires.

My Law of Delight Online Course will show you how to activate this secret universal law in your life starting today.

How does the Law of Delight work?

The Universal Law of Delight works on few basic principles as described in my book, DELIGHT: The Effortless Path to Transforming Your Life, Spontaneously

In this Law of Delight FREE Online Course, you will learn how to apply the law of Delight.

Things to Remember about The Law of Delight

Knowing the Law of Delight is not enough but knowing “How the law of delight actually works?” and “How to apply it in a way that gets me real results?” are the vital keys.

You will learn “Why is the law of delight not working for me?”  if you are trying to use it.

I will share the Law of delight in the most practical approach for you  to make it simple, fun and easy to use.

This Law of Delight Online Course will help you in many ways.

What is the Difference Between Law of Attraction & Law of Delight?

Let me ask you a question:

Do you have a magnet? 
Does it work?
How does a magnet work?

Magnets do NOT work because they attract like polarity! They work because they activate opposing polarity. Opposing polarity charges is how magnets work! This is what trips most people up. 

Logically, how does "Like attract like" operate in a material world where electromagnetism is powerful? Does it make logical sense?

All law of attraction does is cooperate with similar resonating forces within a gravitational force field! Outside that force field, Law of Attraction loses power.  Gravity is the only force that operates on the same polarity. Like doesn't attract like in electromagnetic fields. 

In quantum fields - where reality creation actually happens - it gets even more strange. There's a force known as STRONG force that actually operates completely differently than either gravity or electromagnetic fields! STRONG force is the most powerful creative force in the Universe because it actually requires such a strong energetic force exerted upon a quantum system to separate quantum particles that once free these quantum particles will literally create new particles to form new systems out of thin air!

What you feel in your heart and soul are the tools you can use to create your reality! Desire and delight are the two most powerful feelings we can use to create something new. 

When you carry a clear desire in your heart and soul and DELIGHT yourself full in life then the Quantum Universe will conspire with you and make all arrangements necessary to make that happen for YOU!

But most people get tripped up and think this is Law of Attraction. All Law of attraction say is “Like Attracts Like.”  But outside of your immediate gravitational pull - your field of awareness - you can’t attract what you want or need unless its already present in your sphere of influence and awareness. That's why so many people focus on "changing your thoughts". 

That's the slow hard way. There is an easier way. If you focus on delighting yourself and focus on what you desire, life becomes much simpler.

Law of Attraction is activated automatically by The Law of Delight. The Law of Delight is considered by all gurus, spiritual teachers, sages and the ancient masters as the Master's Key to reality creation.

Have you ever experienced… that you don’t want to meet someone and you bump into them. You don’t want your parents or boss to find out something about you and they find out about it first?.

It happened because your focus was intent on what was in your sphere of influence. You got caught up in the moment and fed that influence in your gravitational field a lot of energy, which is why the situation came to be. You focused your energy on creating what you don't want. That's how Law of Attraction operates. You gravitated towards that reality. Law of Attraction only operates through gravitational forces. If you ruminate on it, you feed it. That's how LOA works. 

Delight is so powerful, however, that if you are delighting yourself and focus 100% on what you dream of and desire - and then delight yourself in the moment, it will happen. Think about the movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 

That is the power of The Law of Delight.

Delight yourself. Delight others. Become a force of power through your desire and delight. It really is that easy.


Master the hidden laws of success, become a certified coach, trainer, or consultant, and give yourself life-altering results from the only woman in the world who’s manifested over $800M in results for clients over the past 20 years.

You long to be fully delighted and fulfilled in your relationships, business and life.
I’ll teach you how to embrace your power, become fully embodied, fully self-expressed, and achieve next level unlimited success WHILE you manifest ALL your heart’s dreams and desires.